Your Coach

What People are Saying

Reasons to hire a coach

  • Accountability

    You’ve tried doing it on your own, it hasn’t worked

  • Overwhelmed

    You are don’t know where to start with all the things that need to be done

  • Balance

    You want more success juggling work, and your relationships

  • Health

    You want to lose weight, get fit, be healthy and feel better about your body

  • Plan

    You want to finish (or start) a big project and you need a plan, and help sticking to it

Who I am and who I work with

SHINE ON was created specifically to support my clients during their journey in making step-by-step changes in order to permanently reach their goals. I help busy, frazzled, dynamic men and women by providing ongoing support and guidance to set goals and make sustainable changes that improve their health and happiness.

I’m dedicated to assisting my clients in reaching for the stars and achieving the life of their dreams.