Dee Cady

Certified Health & Life Coach
Dee Cady

As long as I can remember I struggled with my weight. I grew up in a house where diet and exercise weren’t priorities. By the time I was a young adult I found myself wearing size 16 jeans. I know it was due to making many poor and unhealthy decisions pertaining to food and alcohol, combined with a lack of exercise.

Most of my friends were thin and pretty and I felt self-conscious of my weight. I was at an all-time low. I was feeling drained, tired, fat and ugly. I decided that I did not want to feel this way any longer. I began the slow journey to discovering health and what that meant to me. I found that I really enjoyed working out, and that, along with the energy that I now possessed, led me to drop a significant amount of the weight. I still wasn’t the thinnest girl in the room, but fitting into size 8 jeans made me feel much better about myself.

Moving ahead in my career in accounting gave me an excellent office position with a busy Health Insurance Carrier, and with that my time at the gym diminished. Once again my waistline grew as my responsibilities increased. While I loved what I did for work, I knew that I couldn’t continue on this path without ending up in the same boat that I was in previously. I made the decision again to make exercise a part of my life.

During this time, I met and married my husband and we were blessed with a little girl. My career progressed and I found myself the controller and human resource director of an insurance company. Once again loving my job, but with the demands of corporate America and being a wife, and now mother, upon me, I put myself last and tended to the needs of my family and my job. Most times I didn’t make the list at all.  While I attempted to go to the gym (which had been my savior every time before) this time the guilt was too much. I couldn’t “find the time” for the gym any longer. I was frustrated with the way I looked, I was tired with no energy, stressed out from work, and feeling guilty. With this my weight started to creep back up again.

It was at this point that I started to research “diets”. I had been cooking for years now, and enjoyed doing so. I liked to experiment with food, so I began looking for “healthy” recipes that were quick and satisfying. This was the beginning of my journey for seeking out and finding delicious and nutritious foods. I found that even though my exercise was limited, I wasn’t really gaining as rapidly as I had previously and was able to maintain fairly well.

I found myself a single mom and because of my schedule, I was missing school plays, field trips and other important activities in my daughter’s life. I knew that there had to be a better way of living. One that didn’t involve the crazy hours and that allowed me to be the best mom I could be. I decided to open up my own employee benefits insurance company. Leaving my corporate job with amazing benefits and security was terrifying! However, I knew that this avenue was going to provide a better life for my daughter and me.

Since failure wasn’t an option, I threw myself into my new career, working in between all important events with my daughter. I managed to sneak in more exercise as I had a much more flexible schedule. I wanted to make sure that my daughter was learning to eat healthy and exercise, something I wish I knew at her age. This led me back to the gym, and opened me up to other forms of exercise, primarily Spinning™. I was hooked! So much so, that I decided to become an instructor at the YMCA. I expanded my knowledge of nutrition and became certified in additional fitness classes. I was working part time as an instructor, (which I continue to do today), and was working full time as an insurance Broker. My business was so successful that I was approached by a competing company and we merged.

Today’s ever changing healthcare market and new regulations have led me to feel more passionate than ever about health. I am convinced that taking control of our health is in fact the only solution to reduced medical costs and premiums. I decided that I wanted to work with people on a more personal level. I felt that my knowledge of healthcare, my extensive and ongoing training in fitness, along with my Certification from The Institute of Integrated Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world, I would be able to make the most impact by reaching out to the individuals themselves. My knowledge has helped me assist employers by helping them build a culture of healthy, active, engaged and happier employees.

I’ve counseled friends, and met with members of my gym to discuss their health goals. I have provided information and was a cheerleader for their successes. I was, and I continue to be happy to help them meet their health, wellness and career goals.

It occurred to me that I had been coaching people for many years, and it was a natural progression to make it my career.

I’m living proof that nothing is impossible. And I feel blessed that I am able to share in the process of assisting YOU to succeed in reaching YOUR dreams.