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Shine On Corporate Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs & Services

Our current corporate wellness program offerings

Shine On knows that each company has it’s own nuances that make it unique. Therefore, your wellness program needs to click with your particular environment in order to be successful. We work with you to determine what will work best for your company and your employees, creating a customized and effective plan that really SHINES!

Biometric Health Screenings

Biometric data is important for objectively assessing the health of a company and its employees. On-site screenings which test cholesterol, HDL, glucose, blood pressure, height, weight, and body composition. More in-depth testing is available.

During the screening, each participant meets privately with a technician for 15-minutes. In addition to the biometric testing, this time is used to discuss the test results, talk about health concerns and plan for positive lifestyle changes. Shine On follows up with all high-risk individuals and will make any appropriate referrals.

Health Risk Assessments (HRA)

A health risk assessment is a questionnaire which asks individuals about their health history and current habits. The answers to the questions are combined with the biometric screening results and used to generate a personal wellness report for each participant. The company may receive aggregate reports showing how the group looks as a whole.

Health Coaching

Creating substantial and lifelong behavior changes are possible and highly probable when you create an environment of accountability and support. SHINE ON’s health coaching works with your employees to teach them how to set goals, create an action plan, and most importantly how to execute and follow through. These sessions can be individual or within a group setting. And while we always prefer to meet live and in person, these meetings can be in person, virtually live, or via webinar.

Educational Seminars

We believe that knowledge is POWER! If you really wish to see results, then education is the key. Your employees will NOT “unlearn” what they are taught. Workshops and Clinics provide the best way in which to engage, educate and motivate your employees. While you can elect to choose one of the programs already developed, most classes are custom fitted to reflect the needs and interests of your particular company.


Most people are motivated by friendly competition. It’s a great way for team building and accountability to be incorporated into a program that’s not only fun, but engaging and educational. Customized challenges and contests created that allow participants to achieve their goals and get maximum results.

*Shine On contracts with specialists in every discipline, and may hire Third Parties to provide you with all your needs and a complete experience.

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